New brochure

Check out the new brochure!

We're giving them away for free to help promote awareness and the availability of this site. We hope to get these placed in clinics and anywhere they might be of use.

Find us on Twitter or email us if you want some brochures. Depending on quantity, we also have stands to go with them. They are compact (approximately 3x3 inches) and fit perfectly in a pocket. It's really more of a palm card.

The brochure has just two pages: our mission and FAQ's. The back has some additional resources.

Also available, but not pictured, are authenticate stickers (also free). Stay safe!
Our brochure

Start the conversation

The hardest step to take is usually the first step. Regardless of whether or not you've caught it or spread it, you're gonna have to deal with it.

You can tell the person face-to-face, over the phone, using our service, or any other creative way you may come up with. The important thing is that you tell them. Not enough people do.

We recommend having the conversation in person, if possible (this can't be emphasized enough). Check out How to Tell Someone You Have an STD, if you're looking for ways to approach the subject. Courtesy of our friends at the STD Project :)

How it works

  1. Select from the menu what STD you might have or click the "Get Started" link to the right.
  2. SMS iconEnter an email address or phone number of the person you might have contracted the STD from or given it to.
  3. We send a short note, via email or text, to that person with a link to this site indicating which STD they have been exposed to and information about that STD.

And then you're done! That's all there is to it.

See an example of the Email or Text Message.


To whom it may concern,

You have a message from a person in your past concerning your health.

This message is available here *link to STD*, or if you prefer, you can visit and enter your personalized code *code here* to retrieve the message.

The Dontspreadit team


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*Please do not respond to this email* is an anonymous notification service

Text Message:

There is a msg waiting for you from a past partner about your health. Please visit & use code *code here* to view the details